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Black Capped Chickadee offical bird of  New Brunswick
New Brunswick provincial flag
provincial emblem flower the Purple Violet

Motto for New Brunswick

kayaking adventures on the Miramichi RiverStroll some of the warmest salt water beaches, go hiking in the magnificent Appalachians, the oldest mountain range on the continent, and experience the highest, wildest tides in the world and take pleasure from renowned fishing places such as the world famous Miramichi River. The sight of whales powering through the ocean waves takes your breath away. With a varied of marine animals and an assortment of whale species, you can experience first-hand the elegance of their movement and their natural interest. Discover breath-taking Natural Wonders like the extraordinary Bay of Fundy, one of the Marine Wonders of the World; it's an experience you'll never forget. You can walk on the ocean floor and a few hours later; kayak the world's highest tides in the exact same spot. The dunes and discovery beaches invite you to explore nature's greatest phenomena. Discover the Maritimes' most amazing rivers by boat and/or ferries or perhaps experience a hike – take a bike alongside the water's edge and be surrounded by a setting that will take your breath away. The special blend of cultures has created an extraordinary variety to enjoy and experience. A leisurely scenic drive includes some of the most beautiful scenery with both rural and urban experiences available, from the River Valley, Fundy Coastal, Acadian Coastal, Miramichi River, and Appalachian Range. An outing in New Brunswick is always extraordinary with wildlife close by on the bow of your boat or at the bend on a trail. At times the only sound to be heard is the lonely call of a loon across moonlit waters and where the quiet beauty of a white-tailed deer grazing in the distance makes time stand still.

lighthouses along the coast of New BrunswickThe coastal and inland beaches offer opportunities for solitude or for family fun. Three unique coastlines offer countless ways to explore and miles of coastline to experience with one lighthouse at a time; the quaintly painted lights come in all shapes and sizes with some lighthouses are federally designated heritage structures while others are beloved local treasures. They are romantic and haunting and a favourite subject for photographers and artists. Placed high atop a cliff standing firm against the waves, New Brunswick's sentinels of the sea signal the edge of land and the start of an unforgettable journey of discovery. A treasury of enchanted coastal islands will take you to New Brunswick's timeless drama by the sea. Saltwater beaches that line the 2,000 kilometres of coastline and over 20 inland freshwater beaches make them ideal for beach activities. Wherever you go, new adventures and experiences are around every corner. Enjoy our sandy beaches and swim in of the warmest water around, witness the world's highest tides, where 100 billion tons of water rises and fall twice each day. Walk down the steepest main street in Canada and visit the country's oldest museum. Be awed by natural splendour, come to New Brunswick.



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